Witch Craft, by Caitlin Kittredge (St. Martins, 2009)

As the newly-appointed Lieutenant of Nocturne City PD’s Supernatural Crimes Squad, packless werewolf Luna Wilder is used to dealing not just with the very worst her beloved city has to offer, but with the disdain and distrust of those who … Continue reading

Unfallen Dead, by Mark Del Franco (Ace, 2009)

Ever since he lost the bulk of his magical abilities in an attempt to stop a magical terrorist, Connor Grey has eked out a living as a PI. As a druid and former investigator for the Fey Guild, he’s uniquely … Continue reading

Undone, by Rachel Caine (Roc, 2009)

Once, Cassiel was one of the immortal elemental beings known as Djinn: unknowable, alien, and removed from humanity. But for defying Ashan, leader of her kind, she was stripped of her power and cast down to Earth to live as … Continue reading

Trick of the Light, by Rob Thurman (Roc, 2009)

At first glance, one might think Trixa Iktomi to just be a Las Vegas bar owner with dead brother issues and a penchant for burning down a certain demon-run nightclub. One might even think she dabbled in demon-slaying, with the … Continue reading

Thirteen Orphans, by Jane Lindskold (Tor, 2008)

Brenda Morris never thought her father was anything more than a charismatic huckster with some odd friends. That is, until he takes her on a business trip while she’s away from college for the summer, and tells her some hard-to-swallow … Continue reading

The Spy Who Haunted Me, by Simon R. Green (Roc, 2009)

Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Bond, is back, and this time he’s about to meet the competition. Following the events of the Hungry Gods War, he stepped down from running the Drood family, content to once again act as a field … Continue reading

Succubus Heat, by Richelle Mead (Kensington, 2009)

It’s not easy being a succubus in love. Worse still to be a succubus still suffering from a painful breakup with the love of her life. With author Seth Mortenson out of her love life (and now dating one of … Continue reading

Succubus Dreams, by Richelle Mead (Kensington, 2008)

Even though she’s got the boyfriend of her dreams (fan-favorite writer Seth Mortensen), and a day job she loves (managing a Seattle bookstore), Georgina Kincaid’s life is anything but wine and roses. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because she’s really a … Continue reading

Street Magic, by Caitlin Kittredge (St. Martins, 2009)

When she was sixteen, Pete Caldecott watched a man die, killed by the spirit she helped him summon. Twelve years later, still haunted by that disastrous night, she’s become a Detective Inspector with the London police. Caught up in the … Continue reading

Storm Born, by Richelle Mead (Zebra, 2008)

Meet Eugenie Markham. Under her professional name of Odile Dark Swan, she’s a powerful shaman who hunts down unruly and unwelcome spirits, either killing or banishing them back to the Otherworld, depending on the circumstances. Mercenary and relentless, she’s become … Continue reading