Speak of the Devil, by Jenna Black (Dell, 2009)

Here’s the scoop: exorcist Morgan Kingsley is being sued by a father who blames her for an exorcism that left his son brain-dead. Her license has been suspended, she’s been living out of a suitcase ever since her home was … Continue reading

Soulless, by Gail Carriger (Orbit, 2009)

Miss Alexia Tarabotti is not your average young lady. At twenty-six and unmarried, her chances of finding a prospective husband are almost nil. Worse still, she’s half-Italian and her coloring quite definitely takes after that side of the family. Olive … Continue reading

Skin Deep, by Mark Del Franco (Ace, 2009)

Laura Blackstone is a woman of many faces. Under the Blackstone name, she serves as public relations director for the Fey Guild in Washington, DC. But as Janice Crawford, she’s a freelance druidess who occasionally works with D.C. SWAT when … Continue reading

Sins & Shadows, by Lyn Benedict (Ace, 2009)

Sylvie Lightner runs the Florida-based Shadows Inquiries, a small firm which investigates the decidedly weird aspects of the world. That is, until she sees a friend and employee killed in front of her. Tired of killing monsters and becoming one … Continue reading

Second Skin, by Caitlin Kittredge (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2009)

Ever since she transferred into the Nocturne City’s SWAT division, werewolf officer Luna Wilder has been a lot happier. She gets to deal with people before they die, for one thing, and she’s away from some of the coworkers who … Continue reading

Red-Headed Stepchild, by Jaye Wells (Orbit, 2009)

What do you do when you’re half-vampire, half-mage, the mixed-blood child of a union that should never have happened? If you’re Sabina Kane, you ally yourself with the only person to ever care whether you live or die, your tyrannical … Continue reading

Ravenous, by Sharon Ashwood (Signet Eclipse, 2009)

She’s a witch. He’s a vampire. Together and separately, they bust ghosts, cleanse haunted houses, and deal with the other paranormal weirdness that’s come into public view ever since the supernatural community revealed itself at the turn of the century. … Continue reading

Rogue, by Rachel Vincent (Mira 2008)

As part of making peace with her father, one of the most powerful werecats in North America, Faythe Sanders has taken on the job as one of his enforcers. With her partner/boyfriend Marc, she helps to keep unaffiliated werecats — … Continue reading

Pride, by Rachel Vincent (Mira, 2009)

In the werecat world, there are three ironclad laws which mean a death sentence if violated. No infecting humans and turning them into werecats. No revealing the existence of werecats to the outside world, under any circumstance. And no murder. … Continue reading

New Tricks, by John Levitt (Ace, 2008)

It was supposed to be just another Halloween party in the Castro of San Francisco, a time to cut loose and not worry about the supernatural, a time for magical practitioner Mason and his ifrit Louie to mingle and relax. … Continue reading