Ghosts & Echoes, by Lyn Benedict (Ace, 2010)

Sylvie Lightner is a private investigator who specializes in the supernatural, the weird, and the dangerous. Her last job was a real killer, and it’s taken her a month to recover and get her head back in the game. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

The Good, The Bad, And The Uncanny, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2010)

Things never slow down in the Nightside, the secret black heart of London where it’s always the darkest part of the night and the shadows have teeth. And as always, where there’s trouble, there’s John Taylor, private detective and all-around … Continue reading

Unperfect Souls, by Mark del Franco (Ace, 2010)

Ever since Connor Grey kind of helped destroy the passageways between Earth and TirNaNog, dead Fey have been walking, unable to rest. But even the Dead can die, and when one of the Dead turns up without a head, it’s … Continue reading

Hunted By The Others, by Jess Haines (Zebra, 2010)

Shiarra Waynest is a private investigator who’s about to get way in over her head. Hired by a representative of the mage Circle to determine whether or not a local vampire is in possession of a certain magical artifact, she’s … Continue reading

Hard Magic, by Laura Anne Gilman (Luna, 2010)

What do you do when you’re fresh out of college, unable to get a job that doesn’t involve a hairnet and a spatula, and magically talented? Well, if you’re Bonnie Torres, you get recruited by an enigmatic pair of magicians … Continue reading

Unfallen Dead, by Mark Del Franco (Ace, 2009)

Ever since he lost the bulk of his magical abilities in an attempt to stop a magical terrorist, Connor Grey has eked out a living as a PI. As a druid and former investigator for the Fey Guild, he’s uniquely … Continue reading

Sins & Shadows, by Lyn Benedict (Ace, 2009)

Sylvie Lightner runs the Florida-based Shadows Inquiries, a small firm which investigates the decidedly weird aspects of the world. That is, until she sees a friend and employee killed in front of her. Tired of killing monsters and becoming one … Continue reading

Dancing on the Head of a Pin, by Thomas Sniegoski (Roc, 2009)

The recent death of his wife Maddie has left Boston-based P.I. Remy Chandler in an emotional downward spiral, bereft of one of his major connections to the humanity he’s cultivated for millennia. For Remy’s no ordinary gumshoe; once upon a … Continue reading

Free Fall, by Laura Anne Gilman (Harlequin Luna, 2008)

Life used to be -easy- for Wren Valere. She kept under the radar, and did her job as a Retriever, acquiring objects for people who didn’t care about cost or legality. But that was before things got messy. Before she … Continue reading

A Kiss Before The Apocalypse, by Thomas E. Sniegoski (Roc, 2008)

Meet Remy Chandler, P.I. Unlike ordinary detectives, he can turn invisible, speak any language, and read thoughts on occasion. And while he appears to be human, he’s not. Once upon a time when the world was young, he was the … Continue reading