Articles and Interviews

This page serves as an ongoing archive of articles and interviews I’ve conducted, primarily for Publishers Weekly.



Finding Love in All the Right Places: Romance 2015

Worlds of Possibility: Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2015-2016

Defying the Traditional Model: Crowdfunding in Science Fiction and Fantasy




Jesse Andrews, author of Me & Earl and the Dying Girl, and The Haters

Katie McGarry, author of Nowhere but Here

Erin Bow, author of The Scorpion Rules

Rachel Hartman, author of Seraphina

Julie Cannon, author of Smoke and Fire

Leigh Bardugo, author of Shadow and Bone 

Pete and Andy Deemer and Tim Pratt, creators of The Stormglass Protocol

T Cooper and Alison Glock-Cooper, authors of the Changers series

Trent Reedy, author of Divided We Fall

Daniel Jose Older, author of Dactyl Hill Squad

Brandon Sanderson, author of Skyward

Laura Weymouth, author of The Light Between Worlds

Henry Lien, author of the Peasprout Chen series

Carlos Hernandez, author of Sal & Gabi Break the Universe



Craig Lambert, author of Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day

Christopher Oldstone-Moore, author of Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair

Nicholas A Basbanes, author of On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History

Robert Hofler, author of Sexplosion: From Andy Warhol to A Clockwork Orange—How a Generation of Pop Rebels Broke All the Taboos

Andrew Carroll, author of Here Is Where: Discovering America’s Great Forgotten History

Ewan Clayton, author of The Golden Thread: The Story of Writing

Geoffrey C. Ward, author of The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Steven Pressman, author of 50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple’s Extraordinary Rescue Mission into the Heart of Nazi Germany



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