Spoils, by Tammar Stein (Random House, 2013)

Money is truly the root of all evil in this somewhat imbalanced teen drama. Seven years ago, Leni Kohn’s family won the lottery–$22 million after taxes. Today, a week before Leni’s eighteenth birthday, the family is pretty much broke. Careless … Continue reading

Falling Under, by Gwen Hayes (New American Library, 2011)

The night Theia Alderson watches a burning man fall from the sky, her sheltered life is changed for good. Now she spends her days trying to understand the new boy in town, Haden, who adopts a much more capricious and … Continue reading

Angel Burn, by L.A. Weatherly (Candlewick Press, 2011)

Alex has spent most of his seventeen years hunting angels, extra-dimensional energy vampires who feed from humans and leave illness in their wake. As the angels flood into our world, their influence rapidly grows, inspiring a new religion, with only … Continue reading

Fallen Angel, by Heather Terrell (Harper Teen, 2011)

When Ellie meets Michael, they discover an immediate connection, and a mutual attraction. To their surprise, they both possess superhuman powers, including flight, persuasion, and an affinity for blood. They’re not vampires, but something much older, and their parents have … Continue reading

Personal Demons, by Lisa Desrochers (Tor Teen, 2010)

Good girl Frannie Cavanaugh has just become the latest target in the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell, with demon Luc Cain and angel Gabriel both going undercover in her high school in order to jockey for her favor and … Continue reading

Fallen #2: Torment, by Lauren Kate (Delacorte Press, 2010)

Continuing the epic love story between fallen angel Daniel and perpetually reincarnated Luce, this installment sees Luce relocated to the mysterious Shoreline School, secretly home to all sorts of angelic crossbreeds, a place where she can safely come into her … Continue reading

The Demon’s Covenant, by Sarah Rees Brennan (McElderry Books, 2010)

Bad boy brothers Nick and Alan are back for more demon-killing, mage-hunting excitement when their friends Mae and Jamie call for help against the threat of the Obsidian Circle, a homicidal group of mages set on recruiting Jamie against his … Continue reading

Succubus Shadows, by Richelle Mead (Kensington, 2010)

Ever since she broke up with her mortal boyfriend Seth, succubus Georgina Kincaid has been in a royal funk, and it’s been getting worse ever since she reluctantly agreed to help plan Seth’s wedding to one of her best friends. … Continue reading

Inhuman Resources, by Jes Battis (Ace, 2010)

Vancouver’s Occult Special Investigations unit always, by virtue of its very nature, gets the weird cases. This time, a prominent academic and necromancer has been murdered, while inexplicably wearing an antique suit of armor in the safety of his own … Continue reading

Unknown, by Rachel Caine (Roc, 2010)

The renegade djinn Pearl has been kidnapping and brainwashing children with the power to control the elements, in her mad crusade to destroy the rest of her kind and thus gain vengeance for a millennia-old grievance. Standing against her is … Continue reading