About The Author

Michael M. Jones is the product of an unorthodox crossbreeding program between the CIA and United States Army Intelligence, a project terminated after only a few years when they realized the resultant offspring would never pass for normal in modern society.

Most of his history is subject to rumors, misdirections, and outright lies, but enough photographic evidence and paper trails exist to confirm that he graduated from St. Albans School for Boys in Washington, DC, before getting a degree in Theatre (technical concentration) from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Instead of pursuing a career in the noble art of backstage theatre, he went against all sane expectations and became a writer, something he’d dreamed of for years. He pretty much fell sideways into his role of book reviewer, and has kept it up ever since for various reasons, not the least of which is getting books from the future. He’s seen a few fiction publications over the years, and he’s still trying to figure out exactly how that happened.

These days, Michael lives in Roanoke, VA, with his patient-to-the-point-of-sainthood wife, and a pride of cats who like to knock book stacks over. In his spare time, he collects comic books, and may even have them all catalogued someday soon. He’s incapable of taking most things seriously, including the writing of his own biography, and is easily distrac-