The Unnatural Inquirer, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2007)

In the Nightside, the nasty, black heart of London where it’s always 3 a.m., there’s always a mystery that needs solving, an object that needs retrieving, or trouble that needs shooting. Perhaps that’s why John Taylor, the Nightside’s most infamous … Continue reading

Dog Days, by John Levitt (Ace, 2007)

Meet Mason. He’s a musical prodigy with a talent for improvisation, and a definite skill when it comes to performing magic on the fly. But ever since he quit being an active part of the magic game, he’s been content … Continue reading

The Dresden Files (SciFi Channel, 2007; Fox DVD, 2008)

As I write this, I’ve watched the debut episode “Birds of a Feather” of The Dresden Files (starring Paul Blackthorne as the titular character) four times. I’ve finally managed to organize my thoughts on the matter. As a longtime fan … Continue reading

Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2006)

In the Nightside, that deep, dark, rotten heart of London where it’s always 3 a.m. and Darwin plays a sadistic game of survival of the fittest, there are few beings as infamous as John Taylor. Private detective by choice, potential … Continue reading

Hell To Pay, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2006)

Lilith may be gone for good, but the Nightside, that sordid dark heart of London remains, a magical place where anything’s possible, everything’s for sale, and everyone has a hidden agenda. And as long as the Nightside endures, there’s work … Continue reading

Hex and the City, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2005)

In the Nightside, London’s rotted, blackened heart, it’s always 3 a.m., and the nightmares are out to play. In the Nightside, everything has a price . . . and a cost. In the Nightside, ancient Beings play out forbidden games … Continue reading

Agents of Light and Darkness, by Simon R. Green (Ace, 2003)

John Taylor, the Nightside’s scariest private investigator and finder of lost things that really, really want to stay lost, is on the case once more. This time, he’s been hired by a man named Jude, a representative of the Vatican, … Continue reading

Death Masks, by Jim Butcher (Roc, 2003)

“They don’t make morgues with windows. In fact, if the geography allows for it, they hardly ever make morgues above the ground. I guess it’s partly because it must be easier to refrigerate a bunch of coffin-sized chambers in a … Continue reading

Summer Knight, by Jim Butcher (Roc, 2002)

Some days, it sucks to be Harry Dresden. In fact, some months it’s a bad day to be the only practicing wizard in the Chicago phonebook. And this just isn’t one of Harry’s better months. Thanks to the events of … Continue reading

Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher (Roc, September 2001)

What do you get if you cross Sam Spade or Mike Hammer with a healthy dose of magic? Harry Dresden, the only practicing wizard in the Chicago Yellow Pages. He’s a private detective and wizard for hire who takes the … Continue reading