Passing Strange, by Daniel Waters (Hyperion, 2010)

In life, Karen DeSonne passed as straight, afraid to reveal her true orientation. In death, she’s passing as one of the living, a zombie girl hiding in plain sight. Even as bigots fan the flames of hate and intolerance against … Continue reading

The Dead-Tossed Waves, by Carrie Ryan (Delacorte, 2010)

Ever since the Return, the dead have hunted the living, swelling their ranks with their victims. When Gabry and her friends break the rules and leave the safety of their home, tragedy strikes, and Gabry’s life is torn apart. Now, … Continue reading

Battle of the Network Zombies, by Mark Henry (Kensington, 2010)

In a perfect world, Amanda Feral, Seattle’s favorite zombie fashionista, socialite, and trouble magnet, wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Her nightlife would be nothing but fruity drinks and tasty college boys. Think again. Her business is in dire … Continue reading

Happy Hour of the Damned, by Mark Henry (Kensington, 2008)

Amanda Feral is a zombie, a foul-mouthed fashionista who trolls the bizzare nightlife of supernatural Seattle with her best friends (a vampire, a succubuss, and another zombie), drinking flirtinis and occasionally eating unwary humans by night, advertising executive by day. … Continue reading

Undead Much? By Stacey Jay (Razorbill, 2010)

Megan thought it was hard juggling pom squad practice, her love life, and keeping wandering zombies from terrorizing the unknowing populace. But that was before feral super-zombies started rampaging, the cheerleaders declared war on the pom squad, and a cute … Continue reading

I Kissed A Zombie, And I Liked It, by Adam Selzer (Delacorte, 2010)

Ever since the undead came out of the coffin and went public, there’s been a certain dangerous cachet to dating the so-called post-humans. Snarky ice queen Alley Rhodes used to mock such people, until she fell head over heels for … Continue reading

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, by E. Van Lowe (Tor Teen, 2009)

Usually, the worst Margot Jean Johnson has to worry about is her lack of a boyfriend, and the mockery of her nemesis, Amanda Culpepper. But that’s before the vast majority of her high school are turned into brainless zombies, and … Continue reading

Kiss of Life, by Daniel Waters (Disney Hyperion, 2009)

Phoebe Kendall has two men in her life, and they’re both dead. Or rather, differently biotic, a polite way of saying zombie. Tommy is the articulate spokesman for the walking dead, while Adam died trying to protect her; she loves … Continue reading

Zombie Queen of Newbury High, by Amanda Ashby (Speak, 2009)

Mia never should have tried to cast that love spell. But she couldn’t let her nemesis, Samantha, steal her prom date. All’s fair in love and war, right? Except one botched spell later, the entire school loves Mia … loves … Continue reading