Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, by E. Van Lowe (Tor Teen, 2009)

Usually, the worst Margot Jean Johnson has to worry about is her lack of a boyfriend, and the mockery of her nemesis, Amanda Culpepper. But that’s before the vast majority of her high school are turned into brainless zombies, and eccentric Principal Taft chooses to peacefully coexist with them, rather than panic. Now Margot and her best friend Sybil are queens of the school (by sheer virtue of not being undead). Can they make it to the end of semester, or is someone going to become zombie chow? What’s behind the zombie plague, and is there a cure? Does anyone even care? Whimsical and tongue-in-cheek, this book mixes dark humor and high school angst surprisingly well, provided you come equipped with plenty of suspension of disbelief for the antics contained within.

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