Zombie Queen of Newbury High, by Amanda Ashby (Speak, 2009)

Mia never should have tried to cast that love spell. But she couldn’t let her nemesis, Samantha, steal her prom date. All’s fair in love and war, right? Except one botched spell later, the entire school loves Mia … loves her to death, in fact, since she’s turned the school body into zombies, with herself as their accidental queen. Now she has just a few days to reverse the spell before she becomes the first prom queen to act as a zombie buffet. Luckily, she has professional zombie hunter Chase, and her hypochondriac best friend Candice, to back her up. Can they set things right before this year’s prom theme becomes “Braaaains?” You’ll never look at high school zombies the same way again. Clever and fast-paced, this is an amusing twist on the subject matter, and an all-around enjoyable read.

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