Human Resource, by Pierce Askegren (Ace, 2005)

When Erik Morrison is transferred by his company to Villanueva Base, a corporation-controlled city which acts as the center of civilization for the Moon, he understands that it’s both a last-ditch effort to redeem his dying career, and a chance … Continue reading

There Will Be Dragons, by John Ringo (Baen, 2003)

In the far future, we’ve finally used technology to master the world and all aspects of our lives. Teleportation and shapechanging are commonplace, sickness and death are practically unknown, and there is no need. Our imaginations dictate our surroundings, and … Continue reading

The Accidental Time Machine, by Joe Haldeman, (Ace, 2007)

What would you do if you had a time machine? Admittedly, it’s somewhat limited: it only goes forward, and every time it’s used, it leaps forward at an exponential rate. At first it leaps forward by seconds. Then minutes. Use … Continue reading

His Majesty’s Dragon, by Naomi Novik (Del Rey, 2006)

As the Napoleonic Wars rage on, the captain of the British ship, HMS Reliant, one Will Laurence accidentally gets swept up in events far greater than his own everyday experiences could ever have anticipated. The capture of a French frigate … Continue reading

Kris Longknife: Audacious, by Mike Shepherd (Ace, 2007)

A Longknife’s work is never done. Naval lieutenant Kristine Longknife, Princess of Wardhaven, is in dire need of a vacation, after the way things have gone for her over the past few months. Thusly, she packs her bags and her … Continue reading

Empire of Ivory, by Naomi Novik (Del Rey, 2007)

After a near-epic journey halfway across the world to China and back, surviving adventures, treachery, and battles galore, Captain Will Laurence and his dragon companion Temeraire thought they could settle back into something resembling a normal life. Normal, that is, … Continue reading

The Blue-Haired Bombshell, by John Zakour (DAW, 2007)

Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last freelance PI on Earth in the late 21st Century, is having a typical Tuesday. You know, attacked by killer plants, nearly killed by traffic while rescuing a heiress’s dog, stalked by an ad agency, menaced … Continue reading

The Doomsday Brunette, by John Zakour & Lawrence Ganem (DAW, 2004)

Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last freelance private investigator on Earth, is called upon to unravel yet another bizarre case in The Doomsday Brunette, his second outing. This time, he and his AI partner are summoned to the estate of Ona … Continue reading

Burden of Proof, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2004)

It has been over a year since Paul Sinclair, legal officer for the Space Navy’s USS Michaelson, testified in the court-martial of his first commanding officer. Since then, he’s settled down to a life in space, serving to the best … Continue reading