Missing Absolute Magnitude Reviews

The following reviews ran in Absolute Magnitude issues #14 (Summer 2000) and #15 (Spring 2001), and currently exist only in print format.  What follows is a very brief roundup to serve until they can be retyped. Past Lives, Present Tense, edited … Continue reading

Tangled Up In Blue, by Joan D. Vinge (Tor, 2000)

Welcome back to the world of Tiamat, where Arienrhod, the infamous, ageless Snow Queen, rules with an iron fist, casting a web of mystery and intrigue among the assorted factions who all seek control of her world. Always trying to … Continue reading

Stark’s War, by John G. Hemry, Ace (2000)

In the not-so-distant future, the United States of America has emerged as the last true superpower, ruling the globe with an iron fist called the Pax America. However, one frontier remains free of their grip: the Moon. Here, various countries … Continue reading

When The Devil Dances, by John Ringo (Baen, 2003)

In the third book of John Ringo’s exciting series, the stakes have been raised once again. The alien Posleen have been on Earth for five years now, and we’re losing, badly. Civilization is down to a few scattered pockets in … Continue reading

Thunder Rift by Matthew Farrell (Eos, 2001)

In 2061, the world was forever changed when a massive alien artifact simply appeared near Jupiter, bringing with it an electromagnetic storm that disrupted and corrupted much of Earth’s technological progress. Named Thunder, both for its heralding of the storm … Continue reading

The Sardonyx Net, by Elizabeth Lynn (Ace, 2001)

Originally published twenty years ago, The Sardonyx Net helped to mark Elizabeth Lynn as a noteworthy author, a distinction she soon lived up to by winning the World Fantasy Award twice in one year, for her novel Watchtower, and her … Continue reading

The Rock Rats, by Ben Bova (Tor, 2003)

Ben Bova continues the story of the near future with the second book in his Asteroid Wars series. Industrialist genius Dan Randolph is dead, thanks to the treachery of his great rival, Martin Humphries. However, his successor, Pancho Barnes, has … Continue reading

The Martian Race, by Gregory Benford (Warner Aspect, 2001)

When the space race is grounded due to politics and financial cutbacks, private industry steps in. At stake is a 30 billion dollar prize, to any concern that can successfully travel to Mars, fulfill certain exacting requirements, and return before … Continue reading