The Better Part of Valor, by Tanya Huff (DAW, 2002)

Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr’s reward for surviving a near-catastrophic situation while keeping her people and her civilian charges alive is reassignment, a fact that doesn’t please her in the least. Maybe she shouldn’t have told the general who got her … Continue reading

Balance of Trade, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Ace, 2006)

The latest offering from Lee and Miller, though set quite firmly in the Liaden setting, is actually a standalone, the first Liaden novel to date not to feature the influential and far-roving members of Clan Korval. Instead, we’re introduced to … Continue reading

A Just Determination, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2003)

Ensign Paul Sinclair has just been assigned to the USS Michaelson, his first posting as an officer. Armed with several years of Academy training and specialized schooling, he’s surprised when his lone legal course qualifies him to be the ship’s … Continue reading

A Hymn Before Battle, by John Ringo (Baen, 2001)

There has been no shortage of books dealing with “First Contact” between humanity and extra-terrestrial races, and the results thereof. In his first novel, newcomer John Ringo skips all of the anticipation and wondering, and gets right down to business, … Continue reading

Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell, by Pat Murphy (Tor, 2002)

Identity and metafiction come head-to-head in this complex capstone to an audacious literary experiment perpetrated by Pat Murphy in this book. In two previous books, Wild Angel and There and Back Again, she laid down the groundwork for the concept … Continue reading

Eccentric Circles, by Rebecca Lickiss (Ace, 2001)

Piper Pied, aspiring writer, has just received the surprise of her lifetime. Her grandmother, a woman who she hadn’t even seen in six years, has passed away. At the funeral, Piper’s relatives conspire against her, manipulating her into fulfilling a … Continue reading

Wild Cards: Deuces Down, edited by George R.R. Martin (iBooks, 2005)

After a significant hiatus, the popular Wild Cards series of shared-world anthologies and novels returns, with an all-new collection of tales drawn from the sixty-year history of a world gone mad. In 1946, an alien virus is released over New … Continue reading

Years Best SF 7, edited by David G. Hartwell (Eos, 2004)

It’s time again for David Hartwell’s annual roundup of what he considers to be the best science fiction of the year, collected from various sources. It’s a fairly impressive selection, boasting stories by Michael Swanwick, Terry Bisson, Nancy Kress, James … Continue reading

Science Fiction 101: Where To Start, by Robert Silverberg (iBooks, 2001)

Originally published in 1987 as *Robert Silverberg’s Worlds of Wonder*, this handsome book has been rereleased under the new title of *Science Fiction 101: Where To Start*, and proves that even with a facelift, it hasn’t aged at all. It’s … Continue reading

Masterpieces, edited by Orson Scott Card (Ace, 2004)

This anthology is worth noting for its ambitious claim of collecting the best science fiction of the 20th Century. Whether or not that’s entirely accurate, it does put together a pretty impressive list of stories to represent the field. From … Continue reading