The Coming, by Joe Haldeman (Ace, 2001)

In 2054, the world is a very different place, but not so far removed from the society we know today. Technology has improved in leaps and bounds with holography andcomputer intelligence, social studies has taken slightly different leanings, the government … Continue reading

Technogenesis, by Syne Mitchell (Roc, 2002)

Syne Mitchell’s second book takes us to the near future, where society has evolved and rarefied until everything that matters takes place on the Net. People are almost permanently connected by various technological means, rendering privacy obsolete. They’re constantly bombarded … Continue reading

Stark’s Crusade, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2002)

John Hemry concludes his exciting trilogy about Sergeant Ethan Stark, a man betrayed by his superiors and forced to go against the very system he stands for in order to do what’s right. He and the rest of the American … Continue reading

Stark’s Command, by John G. Hemry (Ace, 2001)

There’s the old saying, “If you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.” There’s also the one about “putting your money where your mouth is.” Both of these sayings have just become quite relevant for Sergeant … Continue reading

Shockball, by S.L. Viehl (Roc, 2001)

Dr Cherijo Grey Veil Torin has had an eventful couple of years, ever since she escaped her tyrannical, overbearing father, the famed surgeon Joseph Grey Veil, and fled Earth once and for all. In that time, she’s served as doctor … Continue reading

Second Contact, by J.D. Austin (Ace, 2001)

Welcome to the year 2039. Earth’s a nice place to be. A little more advanced, a little wiser, a little more civilized. Their first starship, the GSS Lifespring, is about to make a historic first contact with the distant planet, … Continue reading

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Inspired by Dangerous Visions, and driven by the same goal, to deliver “cutting edge” original science fiction, Redshift bills itself as “Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction.” What happens when you mix numerous Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Bram Stoker and Joseph … Online order crestor overnight delivery

Redgunk Tales by William R. Eakin (Invisible Cities Press, 2001)

Redgunk Tales is subtitled “Apocalypse and Kudzu from Redgunk, Mississippi,” and that’s about as accurate a description of this unusual collection as any. Because where else are you going to find aliens, ghosts, swamp gas, a dime store mummy, a … Continue reading

Rebel Sutra, by Shariann Lewitt (Tor, 2001)

The world of Maya is, quite literally, an aristocracy. “Government by the best.” And on this planet, settled centuries ago by colonists whose ship malfunctioned on the way to somewhere much better, the “best” means being one of the Changed, … Continue reading