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Reissued after 15 years, *Privateers* still stands out as one of Hugo-winning Ben Bova’s many outstanding efforts. Although its Cold War mentality might seem a little outdated by today’s standards, the plot remains compelling and fresh, and the story is … Prednisone once daily

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From newcomer Syne Mitchell comes Murphy’s Gambit, a gripping tale of adventure, intrigue, and exploration that explores a future where we’ve finally achieved the stars, and taken a whole new breed of slavery and prejudice with us. Thiadora Murphy is … Cheap flagyl from uk

Mockymen, by Ian Watson (Golden Gryphon, 2003)

What do body-possessing aliens, mind-destroying drugs, Nazi occultism and reincarnation all have in common? They’re the disparate threads of Ian Watson’s visionary new novel, Mockymen, a truly bizarre tale of life, death, betrayal, and jigsaw puzzles. It starts out innocently … Continue reading

Mars Crossing, by Geoffrey A. Landis (Tor, 2001)

They say the third time’s the charm. Well, for the six brave men and women of the _Don Quixote_, that’s not enough. They have succeed where others have failed, or risk the disastrous fates of the first two manned missions … Continue reading

In the Company of Others, by Julie E. Czernada (DAW, 2001)

There are two ways of dealing with living in space. In one, there’s always enough room for everyone, supplies are plentiful, and gravity is a constant. We’ve all seen that sort in Star Wars, or Star Trek. In the other … Continue reading

Impact Parameter, by Geoffrey A. Landis (Golden Gryphon,

The first collection of Geoffrey Landis’ short stories, Impact Parameter features some of the very best work by the award-winning author. The stories mix keen characterization, hard science, humor, and boundary-defying concepts, demonstrating why Landis has received so much attention … Continue reading

Hybrids, by Robert J. Sawyer (Tor, 2004)

Robert Sawyer concludes his Neanderthal Parallax trilogy with this book. Contact between a world where humans were the dominant evolutionary path, and a world where Neanderthals survived instead continues to heat up, as the two worlds share aspects of science, … Continue reading

Humans, by Robert J. Sawyer (Tor, 2003)

The second book of Robert Sawyer’s Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, Humans, continues the story begun in Hominids. Neanderthal Ponter Boddit’s returned to his own dimension, but his thoughts continually bring him back to the strange world where his race didn’t survive … Continue reading

Hominids, by Robert J. Sawyer (Tor, 2003)

Acclaimed author Robert Sawyer begins a daring new trilogy with this tale of overlapping alternate histories. When a quantum-computing experiment in one world meets a neutrino observation post in another, things go horribly wrong. Scientist Ponter Boddit is thrust into … Continue reading

Hell’s Faire, by John Ringo (Baen, 2004)

John Ringo brings to a close the first part of his Legacy of the Aldenata series with Hell’s Faire. Originally intended to be the final part of When the Devil Dances, the material in this book was delayed due to … Continue reading