Schoolbooks & Sorcery: The Lineup Announced At Last

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I’m pleased as punch and proud to announce that, with all contracts in hand, the final lineup for my upcoming YA anthology, Schoolbooks & Sorcery, is ready to be revealed. This is a project which has been in the works for quite a while, and I’m just so thrilled to share the Table of Contents with you. (Mind you, this isn’t the final -order- but this is everyone who will be in it…)


“Finals” by Seanan McGuire
“Protection” by Cheryl Rainfield
“The Grimoire Girls” by E.C. Myers
“Where We Come From” by David Sklar
“Bad Roommates” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
“Dirty Deeds” by Kelly Swails
“Blood Magnolia” by Nicole Givens Kurtz
“Heart of a Fox” by Aaron Canton
“The Delicate Work of Bees” by Emily Horner
“Awaken” by Rain Fletcher
“All That Matters” by Elizabeth Shack
“The Chosen One” by Katrina Nicholson
“Fishing for the Dead” by Eric Esser
“The Nightingale and the Goblin” by Bri Boozell
I can hear some of you squealing with joy, and jumping up and down. “When will it be available?” you ask. “How can I get my hands on this?” you want to know. Well, have patience. There’s a lot of editorial fiddly bits left to be hammered into place. The next step is going to be the Kickstarter so we can acquire the funds to pay these brilliant authors what they’re worth, so keep watching this space!


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