Scheherazade's Facade: The Penultimate Kickstarter Update

Ladies and gentlemen, our month-long odyssey nears its inevitable conclusion.  The Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign has approximately twelve hours left to run before it ends tonight at 3 AM EDT.  I’m not going to inundate you with a blow-by-blow countdown as we near the end.  Rather, I’ll just put it out there into the world one last time, that at this point, I have two goals which would satisfy my love of numbers and symbols.

1)We’re at 224 backers.  I would so dearly love to hit 225 (or higher).  One more person would do the trick.  I’d also settle for 250 backers, if there’s 26 people who haven’t gotten around to pledging but really want to.  But I’ll take what I can get.

2) We’re at $5970.  We are -this- close to $6000.  Again, one pledge would do the trick.  We do have a $30 dollar package for both the ebook and the trade paperback, you know….

So it wouldn’t take much to satisfy both of these last-minute “victory goals.”

(Edit: Even as I write this, someone magically pops up to to be my #225 hero.  Yay!  But we’re still $20 short of that magical big number.  Can we do it?  Yes we can!  See, you never know what will happen in these crazy, turbulent times.)

So if you were planning to pledge, you don’t have much time.  Pre-order Scheherazade’s Facade and you get my thanks and admiration, and the satisfaction of a job well done, and a book you’ll hopefully enjoy.  (They also make great birthday presents.  Or blog giveaways.  Or library donations, if you decide it’s not for you afterwards.  See, you have options!

Now, if anyone decides that twelve hours before the deadline is a good time to -cancel-, on the other hand, I should warn you: My cats?  Are CHAMPIONS at horking, and I know where your shoes are.

I kid, I kid.  Just a little last minute editor-is-flailing-with-anticipation-mixed-with-neurotic-worries humor.  But I have a Maine Coon and he knows what to do with potted plants.  Oh, does he.  And I’m not afraid to use him.  Scheherazade’s Facade: pledge now or the potted plant is toast.

So spread the word, one last time.  Talk it up to your friends and readers and followers, one last time.  Remind people that you know where the bodies are buried, one last time. Kidnap the boss’s poodle, one last time.  And I’ll see you in a few hours, when we pop the metaphorical bubbly and celebrate success.

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