Scheherazade's Facade: Post Game Report #1

Short and sweet: we did it.  With a final total of $6153 (over our original goal of $5000), and a total of 233 backers, the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign came to an end, and was officially successful.  Thank you to everyone who pledged, pre-0rdered, passed the word, and supported us in various ways.  This was a group effort, and because of you all, this anthology will see the light of day at last.  Our authors will be paid professional rates for their work, and you’l finally get to read the stories that have haunted me for several years.

Now the next phase begins, where we take care of all the little last minute details that go into any publishing endeavor.  I’ll be contacting the supporters to make sure we have all the necessary info for their rewards, wrangling the authors to make sure they’re still awake, and so on.  The important thing is that we have the funding, and this project can move forward.

I’m planning several more post game reports, talking about the Kickstarter process, the pitfalls, what I learned, what seemed to work and what didn’t, and how to stay sane during the process.  If you have any questions you’d like answered, just leave them in any of the usual places and I’ll try to get to them.  In the meantime, stay cool and be excellent to each other.

(Pictured: One of the Feline Advisory Committee. This is Molly. She knows what you did.  How could you?)

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