Scheherazade's Facade Kickstarter Reaches Halfway Point!

I know I promised a post about cats, complete with cute pictures, but I hope you’ll forgive me if I put that off until later today.  Because what I really want to do is dance around a bit and flail happily.  You see, the Kickstarter for Scheherazade’s Facade has done two things of interest: it’s passed 100 backers, and it’s pretty much hit the 55% mark.  And that’s before four full days are out.  Do you realize how unspeakably cool I think this is?  One hundred people who believe in this anthology enough to pledge their assistance and order a copy.  One hundred people who aren’t my wife or my family.  (Still not a peep from my family, they apparently haven’t forgiven me for that Mother’s Day luncheon… just kidding, family, I love you all.)

Over halfway to our goal.  I’m no longer freaking out thinking that no one’s going to care, it’s going to fail, I’m going to have to move to Poughkeepsie, change my name to Bernard, and live out the rest of my days performing beat poetry in a shabby coffeehouse.  Hey, we all have fallback dreams, don’t judge me.  No, now I can freak out about whether this book is as good as I’ve been claiming, whether it’ll be worth all the hype, whether I’ll have to live in fear of angry readers tracking me down to throw their copies at me during dinnertime.  Hey, we all have neurotic worries.

All kidding aside, it’s going to be a great anthology.  And it’s going to be real.  Thank you.  Halfway to our goal.  Keep up the good work, and keep telling your friends.


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