Puxhill by Night Giveaway, Round 2!

As promised, I’m back to tell you all about the many wonderful ways in which you can obtain a copy of Puxhill by Night: Lesbian Erotic Urban Fantasy.

Obviously, you can buy it. I like that option. I like it a lot. Sales mean I, the author, get money for my work. Sales prove that there’s a demand for what I do, give me encouragement to do more, and allow me to occasionally treat myself to luxuries like pants and steak. I like steak. Not so much on pants, but… y’know, society demands.

So you’re thinking, it’s erotica. That’s just porn, right? Bedtime reading? Not for polite company? And to that, I say piffle. Because I write urban fantasy that just happens to have very very sexy bits in it. My stories have moon-crossed lovers, shapeshifters, amnesiac magicians, and half-forgotten gods. I reinterpret lesser-known fairy tales, kink up mythology, and play with pop culture. Puxhill by Night is fun, and I want people to enjoy it.

If you want to buy this lovely book, which contains eight sexy stories of love and lust, magic and mayhem, set in a mysterious North American city, you can go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Circlet. You can buy it in ebook or in trade paperback. All of these options make me happy.

But you’re the gambling sort, and would rather try your luck at a free copy. And again, I have you covered.

Going on RIGHT NOW, until either May 2nd or until all copies are given away, you can try your luck with my Amazon giveaway, which will reward electronic copies to 4 more lucky winners. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter, which is painless and hardly onerous. I sometimes remember I have Twitter, and occasionally say funny things. If you unfollow me…it’s okay, I understand. You’re busy, and some people Tweet a lot and it’s hard keeping up with them. But putting up with me for 5 minutes is worth a shot at a free book, right?

Hey, maybe you’d rather have the physical copy. I dig it. It’s gorgeous. It looks great on a bookshelf. If I had a copy on hand, I’d show you, but I sold my last trade paperback to a wandering evangelist after he asked if I was familiar with the Good Book. But starting RIGHT NOW, and ending on May 25th, you can enter my Goodreads giveaway for one of three physical copies. Which I will even autograph. And that could be worth something, someday. For that, they gave me a widget. Let’s see if it works…

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Puxhill by Night by Michael M. Jones

Puxhill by Night

by Michael M. Jones

Giveaway ends May 25, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

Awesome. I expect you ran off to enter that contest also. I’ll wait. I have to do dishes anyway. My wife doesn’t approve of “let the cat lick the plate clean” as a method anymore.

Okay. So there are your current chances. I really want you to win. I like you. Really I do. You deserve this.

And please, I can’t stress this enough: every review, good or bad or indifferent, helps. If you win this, if you buy it, if you read it, please say something about it on Amazon or Goodreads or your blogs. Word of mouth is EVERYTHING for writers these days, and it’s unethical for me to write reviews of my own work while sockpuppeting as my cats. (And the cats object on ethical grounds also, and I didn’t even know they HAD ethics. Furry little weirdos.)

I promise my next post will have cat pics, just you can see what I’m talking about.

So let the games begin.




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