Fallen Host, by Lyda Morehouse (Roc, 2002)

In this sequel to Archangel Protocol, Lyda Morehouse takes another look at a future society forever transformed after a disastrous war. Religion has taken hold in a serious way; either you believe, or you’re a non-citizen. Now, the world’s only known
Artificial Intelligences are about to be tested for something new: a soul. Inquisitor Emmaline, part of the elite forces of the Church, has been assigned to track down the two known A.I.s and determine once and for all where they stand on the matter. However, a stumbling block appears in the form of Morningstar, who may actually be the Biblical Lucifer, who certainly intends to bring about the end of the world with the Apocalypse.
Between Emmaline and Morningstar, where will Page, an A.I. seeking Mecca, go?
Science fiction and theology are always a rare, uncomfortable mix unless done just right. Luckily, Morehouse pulls off the attempt, bringing together the disparate elements in an exciting, provocative story that’s sure to entertain. This is a setting ripe with potential, and she’s barely scratched the surface.

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