The Last Days, by Scott Westerfeld (Razorbill, 2006)

In this sequel to Peeps, the end of the world is at hand, with a plague turning people into cannibalistic vampires, even as ancient, evil creatures stir far beneath the Earth’s surface. In New York, five teens start a rock … Continue reading

The Lucy Chronicles: High School Bites, by Liza Conrad (NAL JAM, 2006)

It’s Dracula all over again when Lucy Hellenberg discovers that she’s the descendant of a certain not-so-fictional heroine, and that the master vampire and his descendants have been stalking her family for generations. Luckily, Lucy’s family is very good at … Continue reading

Fangs 4 Freaks, by Serena Robar (Berkley Jam, 2006)

As the newly-appointed Protector of vampire half-bloods, Colby Blanchard is raring to go, having engineered the creation of a sorority house where her kind can learn to exist in peace. Too bad many full-bloods just want Colby and her friends … Continue reading

Braced 2 Bite, by Serena Robar (Berkeley Jam, 2006)

A chance attack turns high school “princess” Colby Blanchard into a half-vampire, thus throwing her life into absolute chaos. Now she has to learn how to use her new powers, survive high school, and convince the Vampire Council that she … Continue reading

Boys That Bite, by Mari Mancusi (Berkeley Jam, 2006)

After being mistaken for her twin sister by the wrong person, Sunshine McDonald begins to undergo the fateful transformation into a vampire. Desperate to stop this process, she goes on a journey to find the Holy Grail, accompanied by the … Continue reading

Blue Bloods, by Melissa de la Cruz (Hyperion, 2006)

Schuyler Van Allen’s discovery that she’s a Blue Blood, part of a secret society of vampires which hides among New York’s elite families changes her life forever. As she comes to terms with her new powers and obligations, she also … Continue reading

Stalking the Vampire, by Mike Resnick (Pyr, 2008)

It’s All Hallow’s Eve in the bizarre alternate Manhattan where private detective John Justin Mallory has established himself over the past few years. He and his partner, the renowned hunter Winnifred Carruthers, are looking forward to the festivities. That is, … Continue reading

Curse the Dawn, by Karen Chance (Onyx, 2009)

Cassandra Palmer has accepted the mantle of Pythia, making her the world’s most powerful psychic, able to see the future and travel through space and time. Unfortunately, there are those who would rather see the power go to someone more … Continue reading

Bitten to Death, by Jennifer Rardin (Orbit, 2008)

Once again, secret agent extraordinaire Jaz Parks has been sent on a dangerous mission. Along with her mentor/sort-of lover Vayl, she’s been dispatched to Greece, to infiltrate a Vampere Trust, a secretive community of vampires that once played home to … Continue reading

The Outlaw Demon Wails, by Kim Harrison (Eos, 2008)

Rachel Morgan, witch and bounty hunter extraordinaire, finds the sins of her recent past catching up to her in full force when the demon she thought gone for good, Algaliarept, appears out of nowhere, thoroughly upset and out for revenge. … Continue reading