Fangs 4 Freaks, by Serena Robar (Berkley Jam, 2006)

As the newly-appointed Protector of vampire half-bloods, Colby Blanchard is raring to go, having engineered the creation of a sorority house where her kind can learn to exist in peace. Too bad many full-bloods just want Colby and her friends dead. Now Colby has to contend with vampiric royalty, a half-blood who wants to return to her vegan diet, a snarky Goth for a best friend, assorted vampire hunters, and oh yes, a potential traitor in the house. To add insult to injury, Colby’s vampire boyfriend won’t make the first move! What’s a girl to do? This sequel to Braced 2 Bite is just as wry, charming, and cheerfully twisted as the first in the series, and it makes for a nice change of pace from the more serious vampire dramas out there.

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