The Mermaid’s Mirror, by L.K. Madigan (Houghton Mifflin, 2010)

Lena has always felt an inexplicable tie to the ocean, and it’s grown stronger of late, as if calling her. On the verge of turning sixteen, she’s determined to finally learn how to surf, despite her father’s unyielding objections. But … Continue reading

Perchance to Dream, by Lisa Mantchev (Feiwel and Friends, 2010)

Having come into her power as the Mistress of Revels, Bertie Smith has left the Theatre Illuminata in search of Nate, her pirate friend who was kidnapped by the sea goddess Sedna. With her as always are the alluring air … Continue reading

The Boneshaker, by Kate Milford (Clarion Books, 2010)

It’s 1913, and in the small crossroads town of Arcane, Missouri, anything can happen. When a traveling medicine show stops for repairs, bringing with it all manner of bizarre technological contraptions and dubious cures, Natalie Minks is alternately fascinated and … Continue reading

Divine Misfortune, by A. Lee Martinez (Orbit, 2010)

Welcome to a world where the gods are alive and well and dealing with humanity on their own terms. Everyone’s got a personal god, who takes care of them according to the level of faith involved and sacrifices offered. Want … Continue reading

Other, by Karen Kincy (Flux, 2010)

It’s not easy being a part-pooka shapeshifter in a society where supernatural Others are tolerated at best, hunted at worst, but by keeping her true nature secret, Gwen has managed just fine. However, when a serial killer starts targeting Others … Continue reading

The Shadow Hunt, by Katherine Langrish (Harper, 2010)

When Wolf runs away from the monastery he’s called home for years in search of a more fulfilling life, he finds more than he bargained for in the forms of a feral elf-child and a local lord driven by heartbreak, … Continue reading

Guardian of the Dead, by Karen Healey (Little, Brown and Co, 2010)

When Ellie Spencer agrees to teach stage combat for a local university production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, she’s inadvertently drawn into a bizarre series of events involving a secretive race of deadly mythological beings out to reclaim their full … Continue reading

White Cat, by Holly Black (McElderry Books, 2010)

The only member of his family unable to work curse magic with a touch, Cassel’s honed his skills as a con man to a sharp edge as compensation. When his bizarre sleepwalking episodes disrupt the stability of his life, he … Continue reading

Thief Eyes, by Janni Lee Simner (Random House, 2010)

When Haley joins her father on a trip to Iceland, she not-so-secretly hopes she’ll finally discover how and why her mother vanished in the same spot a year before. She’s promptly caught up in a curse that’s wound through her … Continue reading

Black Blade Blues, by J.A. Pitts (Tor, 2010)

For Sarah Beauhall, life’s about to get very, very complicated. A blacksmith by trade, she live from paycheck to paycheck, making horseshoes for local farmers and replica weapons for convention-goers and the local Society for Creative Anachronism. By night, she … Continue reading