The Boneshaker, by Kate Milford (Clarion Books, 2010)

It’s 1913, and in the small crossroads town of Arcane, Missouri, anything can happen. When a traveling medicine show stops for repairs, bringing with it all manner of bizarre technological contraptions and dubious cures, Natalie Minks is alternately fascinated and worried. Even at a glance, she knows something’s not right with Dr. Limberleg and his companions. What she discovers will strike at the very heart and soul of her beloved home, leading an epic struggle for survival. A historical steampunk fantasy drawing inspiration from trickster tales, deals with the devil, and other folklore, this book’s crammed full of nifty ideas and awesome moments. Unique and wonderful, featuring a feisty, resourceful heroine, this book’s definitely a don’t-miss under any circumstances.

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