Birth of the Pack, by Petru Popescu (Tor Teen, 2007)

Lily, Nikki, Arielle and Grazia have one plan in mind: start a girls’ soccer team at their South Pasadena high school. Calling themselves the Weregirls, they embark upon a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, made all the more potent when Lily discovers they’re the heirs to certain magical abilities and strengths. Unfortunately, the legacy they’ve tapped into comes with ancient, deadly enemies, and now that the Weregirls have awakened, so have the Breed, their dark opposites. Guided by the spirit of her dead father, Lily must lead her friends to victory over evil. A sharp-edged, richly-described story with an accessible voice, this is a highly satisfying read, and a promising beginning to the series.

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