Wildefire, by Karsten Knight (Simon & Schuster, 2011)

In the wake of a tragic incident involving her rebellious older sister and a classmate, Ashline Wilde transfers to a private school in California, hoping to start over quietly. Instead, she learns that she, like several other students, is a reincarnated god. In her case: a Polynesian fire goddess. Each has some task to play in preventing Ragnarok, but details remain hazy. Now Ash must balance normal high school demands with her divine status, and things get worse when her sister turns up, with powers of her own and an alternative agenda, threatening to divide loyalties. This supernatural drama reads like a soap operatic Percy Jackson, only with much more cultural diversity and an edge. I wish we’d gotten some more details about the mythological aspects, and the ending was maddeningly abrupt, but this is still an excellent book, well worth checking out.

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