Update the Third: Introducing Gremlin

And now on a personal note… I’d like to introduce the newest and by far youngest member of the Feline Supervisory Committee.

Gremlin came to us at a mere five days old, along with his mother and sibling, for an 8-week foster period. However, as we spent many, many hours raising Tammy and the Squeakers, as we dubbed them, we realized that Gremlin was definitely a stand-out, and worthy of consideration for permanent residential status. So when the time came to give the fosters back… we adopted him.

As he hits twelve weeks old, he has become fearless, majestic, and utterly adorable. He is truly the best of kittens, and we look forward to watching him develop, and seeing where he fits in with the Feline Supervisory Committee…

Pictured: Gremlin with his sisters, Roxie and Blaze.  Gremlin in various sexy poses for your appreciation.


Gremlin4 Gremlin3 Gremlin2 Gremlin1


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