The Bartimaeus Trilogy Book 3: Ptolemy’s Gate, by Jonathan Stroud (Miramax Books, 2006)

Three years have passed since we last saw the demon Bartimaeus and his magician master Nathaniel (AKA John Mandrake, now Information Minister for the magician-run British government.) The British Empire is beset on all sides by enemies, both foreign and domestic, and even as Mandrake struggles to uncover a deadly conspiracy against the government, other events threaten to destroy all of civilization. It’s up to Mandrake, an ever-weakening Bartimaeus, and the rebel-in-hiding once known as Kitty Jones to create an uneasy alliance and pull off the impossible if they want humanity to survive. The concluding volume in the Bartimaeus trilogy, this book raises the stakes once and for all in a roller-coaster ride to the finish. Full of twists and turns, complex characterization and a fascinating setting, Ptolemy’s Gate lives up to the promise set forth in the first two books. Harry Potter fans, don’t miss this one.

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