Review Archive Update!

Never underestimate the stamina of an obsessive book reviewer. At long last, after many months, I’ve completed the last major update to my review archive and I can finally relax.

Just over 900 individual reviews, covering over 1000 books, written between 1999 and now.
54 written for Absolute Magnitude (not counting a handful that were lost.)
208 written for Science Fiction Chronicle for my short fiction and YA review columns. (Again, not counting a small handful that exist only on paper at the moment.)
133 written for SF Site
274 written for The Green Man Review.
199 written for my Realms of Fantasy YA review column.

While the vast majority are book reviews, there’s a scattering of music reviews from the older days, a few films, a couple television shows, and one live performance covered. Fantasy, urban fantasy, romance, mystery, YA, non-fiction, graphic novels, military SF.

Now that I’ve finally caught up to present day, I can finally relax, a little.
Hah. That’s a lie. Now that I’ve archived everything that can feasibly be archived, I’ll just write more reviews. And eventually, I’ll have to upload them as well. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle. Oh well!

The archive has been tagged and categorized for your convenience and amusement, and is fully searchable. It’s fun, easy, and quite possibly addicting. Go forth and marvel, so I know my work wasn’t in vain. I’ll be here. Writing more reviews. Again.

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