Leviathan #2: Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld (Simon Pulse, 2010)

Westerfeld’s wildly inventive reworking of the First World War heats up as the Germans and English enter into open hostilities, bio-engineered creatures against mechanical marvels. Aboard the English airship Leviathan, Midshipman Deryn Sharp (secretly a girl) and Alek (Austrian Prince in exile) have forged a wary friendship, one that will be tested as they arrive in intrigue-laden Istanbul, where both sides jockey for influence and revolution is in the air. It’s nonstop adventure in the skies and seas, with steampunk war machines, living weapons, derring-do and swashbuckling a’plenty. Keith Thompson’s gorgeous illustrations further bring this amazing world to life, making this a definite don’t-miss.

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