Introducing Blaze

Much belatedly, I’d like to officially introduce the most recent member of the Feline Supervisory Committee… Blaze.

Like her brother Gremlin, Blaze came to us at the tender age of 5 days old, as part of a foster program which also included her mother and siblings. This promising young tortie was opinionated, forceful, vocal and personable right from the start, but we had to evaluate whether or not there was room for yet another member of the FSC, so when we adopted Gremlin as a permanent member, we allowed Blaze and her sister Roxie to return to the shelter for the time being.

One month later, we went back for Blaze, and haven’t regretted it in the least. Since she joined us, she has indeed become a valued and active member of the FSC. Although her time in “juvie” taught her bad habits and bad language, she’s nevertheless a delicate lady who will kick anyone’s rear should they insist otherwise. So please welcome Blaze to the family as she hits her six month birthday…

blaze6 blaze5 blaze4 blaze3 blazeandgremlin blaze2 blaze1

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