Children of Magic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes (DAW, 2006)

What happens when the magic rests in the hands of children, and the power of life and death is held by those too young or inexperienced to know the right path? That’s what these eighteen authors try to puzzle out.

In Tanya Huff’s “After School Specials,” the constantly-bickering daughters of a movie mogul deal with one another, a school bully, and a mysterious magical menace. In “Starchild Wondersmith” by Louise Marley, the child of a magical family struggles to discover his true Talent, even as he adjusts to going to school with “Normal” people. In “The Weight of Wishes” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, two parents must deal with the awesome power their daughter holds, and figure out how it relates to their own hidden magic. Sarah Hoyt’s “Titan” follows a young man named Leonardo, whose encounter with primordial beings transforms his destiny forever.

This collection really does range across the spectrum of possibility, with stories set in history and modern day, and more than a few original fantasy settings. With strong offerings by authors including Jane Lindskold, Jean Rabe, Michelle West, Alan Dean Foster, Jody Lynn Nye, Jana Paniccia and more, it has certainly got a lot to offer readers.

Originally posted on SF Site, 2006

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