Baltimore: or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire, by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden (Bantam Spectra, 2007)

In the darkest days of World War I, Lord Henry Baltimore, then a Captain in the English Army, watches his men fall in battle. Himself injured, he barely fights off a nocturnal predator, and in doing so, unleashes the unholy … Continue reading

The Books of Magic Collection

The Books of Magic, by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton (Vertigo, 1990-1991) The Books of Magic: The Invitation, by Carla Jablonski (Eos, 2003) The Books of Magic: Bindings, by Carla Jablonski (Eos, 2003) In 1990, a literary predecessor of Harry … Continue reading

Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book, by Jordan Raphael and Tom Spurgeon (Chicago Review Press, 2003)

He’s a shameless huckster, an unrepentant storyteller, a charming old man, a never-say-die opportunist whose career has spanned decades, following the ebb and flow of the comic book industry in America. He’s a modern-day P.T. Barnum, part writer and part … Continue reading

Another Fairy Tale Omnibus Review

The Faeries, by Suza Scalora (Joanna Cotler Books/Harpercollins, 1999) The Faeryland Companion, by Beatrice Phillpotts (Barnes and Noble, 1999) The Leprechaun Companion, by Niall Macnamara with Wayne Anderson (Barnes and Noble, 1999) Gnomes, by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet (Peacock … Continue reading

The Taltos Series, by Steven Brust (1983-2001)

Jhereg (Ace, 1983) Yendi (Ace, 1984) Teckla (Ace, 1987) (These three reprinted in The Book of Jhereg (Ace, 1999)) Taltos (Ace, 1988) Phoenix (Ace, 1990) (These two reprinted in The Book of Taltos (Ace, 2002) Athyra (Ace, 1993) Orca (Ace, … Continue reading

Three Brian Froud Books

Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (With Terry Jones) (Turner Publishing, 1994) Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells (With Terry Jones) (Simon and Schuster, 1996) Good Faeries, Bad Faeries (With Terri Windling) (Simon and Schuster, 1998) Brian Froud is one of those … Continue reading

The Way of Wizards, by Tom Cross (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2001)

Undoubtedly inspired by the wave of wizardphilia that’s swept the world ever since Harry Potter hit that magical zeitgeist switch, The Way of Wizards is a full-color coffee table art book in the same tradition as Brian Froud’s Faeries, except … Continue reading

Preacher: Dead or Alive, by Glenn Fabry (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2000)

Imagine you’re an artist, and you’ve been given a very unusual task. Create eye-catching, evocative comic book covers, month in and month out for a new series. The main characters include a hitwoman, a vampire, a preacher possessed by the … Continue reading

The Complete Big Books of… Review

The Big Book of the ’70s, by Jonathan Vankin (Paradox Press, 2000) The Big Book of Bad, by Jonathan Vankin (Paradox Press, 1998) The Big Book of Conspiracies, by Doug Moench, (Paradox Press, 1995) The Big Book of Death, by … Continue reading

The Family of Ree, The Secret of Gorbee Grotto, and The Legend of Snow Pookas, by Scott E. Sutton (Action Publishing, 2001)

Welcome to the Planet Ree, Which is a very nice place to be. Share these stories with children, To teach them about their world they live in. I apologize for the above, but after reading the first three releases in … Continue reading