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Once upon a time, Connor Grey was a hotshot member of the Ward Guild, a druid on the fast track to importance and power. That is, until a traumatic encounter with an ecoterrorist elf left him crippled magically and forced … Generic cymbalta next day delivery

My, My Elf & I, by Heather Swain (Speak, 2009)

Meet Zephyr Addler, the newest student at the Brooklyn Academy of Performing Arts. She’s tall, blonde, pretty, and an elf. Her family moved from their secret homeland in Michigan to New York so her father can further his musical career … Continue reading

Fair Folk, edited by Marvin Kaye (Science Fiction Book Club, 2005)

Contrary to popular belief as embodied by Yours Truly, the Science Fiction Book Club occasionally commissions collections of original short fiction, a fact which came as something of a surprise when I received this book in the mail. The six … Continue reading

Cloaked In Shadow, edited by W.H.Horner (Fantasist Enterprises, 2004)

Cloaked in Shadow is the first themed anthology offering from the relatively new Fantasist Enterprises ( With almost two dozen stories featuring the darker side of elves and fairies, it definitely has a little something for everything, though in general, … Continue reading

Faerie Tales, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis (DAW, 2004)

There are days when I’m frankly amazed at the continuing ability of writers to wring new and interesting material from the oft-mined theme of “fairy tales.” After all, we’ve been telling and retelling them for centuries, updating the settings to … Continue reading

Lament: The Faerie Queen‘s Deception, by Maggie Stiefvater, (Flux, 2008)

Deirdre’s ordered existence is thrown into turmoil when inexplicably magical things start happening around her, even as the mysterious, sexy Luke Dillon insinuates himself into her life. Their newfound romance takes a hit when Deirdre discovers she’s a cloverhand, possessed … Continue reading

Ink Exchange, by Melissa Marr (HarperTeen, 2008)

All Leslie wants is to change her life for the better, disgruntled by her problematic family and unsatisfying day-to-day existence. When she gets an beautifully intricate tattoo, she feels things are finally improving. What she doesn’t realize is that the … Continue reading

How To Ditch Your Fairy, by Justine Larbalestier (Bloomsbury, 2008)

Unlike most places, in New Avalon, almost everyone has an invisible personal fairy to help them in some aspect of their lives. To her dismay, Charlie Steele’s fairy helps her find the perfect parking spot, which makes her popular with … Continue reading

Hallowmere #2: By Venom’s Sweet Sting, by Tiffany Trent (Mirrorstone, 2007)

With Falston School destroyed, and two of the legendary rathstones in the hands of the vampiric Unhallowed Fey, the Council of Elaphe decides to take the fight to the Fey. And so Corrine, Ilona and Christina, as well as their … Continue reading

Hallowmere #3: Between Golden Jaws, by Tiffany Trent (Mirrorstone, 2008)

The ongoing struggle between Corrine and her allies and the vampiric Unhallowed Fey heats up as both sides attempt to gain mastery of the powerful rathstones, with the latest round taking them to London in search of the fabled Stone … Continue reading