Little (Grrl) Lost, by Charles de Lint, (Viking, 2007)

T.J.’s still getting over her family moving from the countryside to the Newford suburbs, and she’s not taking it well at all. Unexpectedly, she finds an unlikely friend and ally in Elizabeth, who’s several years older, likewise at odds with … Continue reading

Ironside, by Holly Black (McElderry Books, 2007)

After foolishly proclaiming her love for her faerie boyfriend Roiben in the middle of his coronation as the Unseelie Court’s new King, Kaye is dispatched on an impossible quest: to find a faerie who cannot lie. This quest leads her … Continue reading

The Chronicles of Faerie, Book One: The Hunter’s Moon, by O.R. Melling (Amulet Books, 2006)

When American teenager Gwen goes to visit her cousin Findabhair in Ireland, she never expects that their summer of backpacking will turn into an epic match of wills and wiles against the creatures of Faerie, who kidnap Findabhair for their … Continue reading

Elsewhere and NeverNever, by Will Shetterly (Harcourt Magic Carpet, 2004)

Somewhere beyond the World, past the ever-changing expanse of the Nevernever, there’s a city that used to be part of the real world, now just known as Bordertown. It’s a place where humans and the Fae live and interact between … Continue reading