Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Little, Brown and Company, 2009)

Although he’s never met her before, Ethan Wate instantly recognizes Lena Duchannes, the strange new girl in town, as the literal girl of his dreams. The two are drawn together, even as their respective families and the rest of the small town of Gatlin inexplicably frown upon the fledgling relationship. Matters are further complicated as Lena reveals that she, like the rest of her family, has magical abilities, and when she turns 16, she’ll either stay good, or turn evil … and the choice isn’t up to her, due to events dating back to the Civil War. Haunted by the dreams of their ancestors, stalked by dark forces, and caught up in a race against time, Ethan and Lena must delve into Gatlin’s secret history and break a powerful curse if their relationship is to stand a chance. Southern Gothic meets Nina Kiriki Hoffman in this complex, gripping tale of love, ghosts, magic and destiny.

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