Scheherazade's Facade: Reminder and Ephemera

Hello, all.  I’m coming to you live from my secret volcano lair, to remind you that the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter campaign is still live and going strong.  Right now, there are twelve days to go until we end on April 16th, and it’s not too late to join in the fun.  We’re at $5620 right now, which is awesome. That’s more than the original goal, and a princely sum by any standards–provided you have a small prince.   But lest you think that we’re content to settle for mere success, we’re currently aiming for phenomenal success.  That is, to say, I’m dreaming of hitting $10,000 and green-lighting work on a second volume.  But you know what?  I’ll be happy if everyone who’s interested in this anthology, intrigued by its concept, tempted by its fabulous lineup, or seduced by that gorgeous cover, gets their copy through the magical art of pre-ordering via Kickstarter.  If that’s one more person, or ten, or a hundred more, now’s the time.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to round up some appropriate links on the subject.

David Sklar has an excerpt of his story, “Lady Marmalade’s Special Place in Hell,” available here on the Outer Alliance blog.  He’s also posted about the odyssey of his story here.

A very nice write-up of the anthology’s path to publication from the local website.  I was as surprised as anyone to see this.   Who knew they knew I existed in my own home town?

A fascinating discussion on Dear Author about crowdfunding and patronage of the arts, in which Scheherazade’s Facade was singled out for mention.  In a nice way.

Even The Ferrett approves of this project, and he doesn’t gives the thumbs-up to just any old thing.

Seanan McGuire said nice things about me and the project, and made me blush.

Contributor Paolo Chikiamco took us international by posting to Rocket Kapre, a major resource for speculative fiction in the Philippines.  (Okay, I know, we’re already international.  Later I’ll have to talk about just how many different countries my authors hail from.)

And of course thank you to everyone else who’s mentioned us in Livejournal posts, in tweets, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and carved their message into the Moon in mile-high letters.  I know all, see all, appreciate all.  I still don’t understand my cats, or why Virgil loves the bathroom so much. So keep spreading the word, and I’ll keep doing whatever the heck it is I do.  Once someone tells me.  I think I have to feed the cats.  Again.  Or so they say….



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