Hottie, by Jonathan Bernstein (Razorbill, 2009)

When spoiled teen princess Alison Cole falls for the bad advice of some treacherous friends and undergoes an experimental plastic surgery procedure, it backfires, secretly granting her pyrokinetic abilities. Meanwhile, her popularity mysteriously vanishes overnight, her friends desert her, and even her boyfriend abandons her. With no one but the geeky David Eels left for moral support, what’s the flame-wielding girl to do but put on a costume and fight crime as the dubiously-named Hottie? Now she’s L.A.’s newest darling, foiling bank robbers and even acquiring her own arch nemesis in the process. Amusing and tongue-in-cheek, Hottie is what happens when Gossip Girl meets comic books. While it has a certain charm, it’s occasionally hard to take seriously, and the ending could be stronger.


Hottie, by Jonathan Bernstein (Razorbill, 2009) — 2 Comments

    • Good to know this book has some fans out there! I just discovered that it had a sequel, which I never saw in the stores. Go figure.

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