Chance Fortune in the Shadow Zone, by Shane Berryhill (Tor Starscape, 2008)

Thanks to a teleporter malfunction, fledging superhero Chance Fortune and his team, the Outlaws, are left stranded in the deadly Shadow Zone, their powers scrambled. Here, they have to deal with the legions of super villains exiled to the Zone in years past, as well as the mysterious, unstoppable Shadowmen and their ruthless leader, the Shadow Prince. When half of his team is kidnapped, Chance must lead the remnants on a rescue mission before the Shadow Prince succeeds in tearing open a hole between worlds. But which member of the Outlaws won’t be going home? Berryhill makes some odd choices with this book, placing it in such an off-kilter setting and relegating half the team to the sidelines for much of the story, but it’s still an intriguing, swift-moving story with plenty of adventure and a great deal of heart. I enjoyed it, and hope we’ll see another installment soon.

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