Lady Cottingham’s Fairy Album, by Brian Froud (Harry N. Abrams, 2002)

From the master of faeries himself, Brian Froud, comes a follow-up to one of his best-loved works, Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book. In this volume, Froud reveals more findings from the eccentric, renowned Victorian Cottington family. This time, he focuses … Continue reading

The Battle For Azeroth, edited by Bill Fawcett (BenBella, 2006)

My name is Michael, and I am a World of Warcraft addict. I started playing the game in early 2005, a few months after it was officially released to the public. My main characters include a level 70 restoration-specced night … Continue reading

Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide To The Fantastical World Around You, by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (Simon and Schuster, 2005)

This is the long-awaited capstone to the bestselling, highly popular Spiderwick Chronicles, and is actually a replica of the book which carries much of the story’s plot. In the books, the three Grace children find their uncle’s Field Guide to … Continue reading