Four Mercedes Lackey Books

The Valdemar Companion, edited by John Helfers and Denise Little (Daw, 2001) Take a Thief (Daw, 2001) The Black Swan (Daw, 1999) Spirits White As Lightning (With Rosemary Edghill) (Baen, 2001) In 1987, Mercedes Lackey crept onto the fantasy scene … Continue reading

The Complete Big Books of… Review

The Big Book of the ’70s, by Jonathan Vankin (Paradox Press, 2000) The Big Book of Bad, by Jonathan Vankin (Paradox Press, 1998) The Big Book of Conspiracies, by Doug Moench, (Paradox Press, 1995) The Big Book of Death, by … Continue reading

Assorted Harry Potter-Related Books

Conversations With J.K. Rowling, by Lindsay Fraser (Scholastic, 2000) What’s A Christian To Do With Harry Potter? by Connie Neal (WaterBrook Press, 2001) The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter, by David Colbert (Lumina Press, 2001) The Sorcerer’s Companion, by Allan … Continue reading

Two Shakespeare-related Books

A Shakespeare Sketchbook, by Renwick St. James and James C. Christensen (Greenwich Workshop Press, 2001) Shakespeare on Fairies and Magic, by Benjamin Darling (Prentice Hall Press, 2001) There’s no doubt that Shakespeare, whether he was a playwright from Avon-on-Stratford, Sir … Continue reading

Einstein's Refrigerator, by Steve Silverman (Andrews McMeel, 2001)

George Washington was really the ninth President of the United States. We developed a plan to bomb Japan during World War II with explosive-laden bats. A chicken managed to live for eighteen months after having its head cut off. Einstein … Continue reading

Many Books of Ghost Tales, Part Two

Charleston Ghosts, by Margaret Rhett Martin (University of South Carolina Press, 1963) Ghosts of the Carolinas, by Nancy Roberts (University of South Carolina Press, 1962) The Haunted South, by Nancy Roberts (University of South Carolina Press, 1988) North Carolina Ghosts … Continue reading

Many Books of Ghost Tales, Part One

The Field Guide To North American Hauntings, by W. Haden Blackman (Three Rivers Press, 1998) The Cold, Cold Hand, edited by James Burchill, Linda Crider and Peggy Kendrick (Rutledge Hill Press, 1997) The Encyclopedia of Ghosts, by Daniel Cohen (Avon, … Continue reading

Weep Not For Me, by Deborah A. Symonds (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997)

This has not been an easy book to review, for several reasons. First of all, we must consider the full title, and the subject matter: Weep Not For Me: Women, Ballads, and Infanticide in Early Modern Scotland. That’s right, Deborah … Continue reading

That's Disgusting!, by Greta Garbage (Ten Speed Press, 1999)

Quick! Think of the most disgusting thing you can. No, sicker still. Something that makes you ill just by thinking about it. Worse yet. Something that makes you cringe. Or get queasy. Or just plain leave the room. Got it … Continue reading

Paris Out of Hand: A Wayward Guide, by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, (Chronicle Books, 1996)

Come take a tour of a Paris that never was, but honestly should be. It’s the Paris of absinthe dreams and opium wishes, the Paris of starving artists, unknown writers, and one-of-a-kind tourists. It’s the Paris where anything goes, and … Continue reading