After Midnight, by Lynn Viehl (Flux, 2011)

When Catlyn Youngblood and her brothers move to the tiny town of Lost Lake, Florida, she hopes that this will be the end of their constant moving for a while. Unfortunately, the siblings get a cool welcome from their new neighbors, for reasons unknown. It all changes when Catlyn has a chance meeting with the mysterious Jesse Raven one night, and they forge a clandestine friendship that soon deepens. Unfortunately, their romance is forbidden by both familes. Jesse Raven is a vampire, while the Youngbloods are descended from one of history’s greatest hunters, and there’s bad blood between the two clans. As Jesse and Catlyn defy those who would keep them apart, more secrets come to light, potentially dooming their love. Coming off as Twilight crossed with Romeo and Juliet, this YA debut for Viehl has a lot of appeal and some genuinely surprising twists.

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