That's Disgusting!, by Greta Garbage (Ten Speed Press, 1999)

Quick! Think of the most disgusting thing you can. No, sicker still. Something that makes you ill just by thinking about it. Worse yet. Something that makes you cringe. Or get queasy. Or just plain leave the room. Got it … Continue reading

Storm Front, by Jim Butcher, (Roc Books, 2000)

In a world where magic is all too real, where the Unseelie Incursion of 1994 caused the entire city of Milwaukee to vanish for several hours, where a nasty drug called ThreeEye can actually awaken the user’s ability to see … Continue reading

Cris and Tret, Radio Quiet (Goldenrod Records, 1998)

Cris Williamson and Tret Fure are an interesting pair of female musicians, best known for the feminist/healing/spiritual niche they’ve carved out for themselves in the alternative musical arena, both as individuals, and together. Their Web site goes into some details … Continue reading

Terry Radigan, Radigan (Vanguard Records, 2000)

Wow. Where do I start? I’ve had the hardest time trying to find the words to describe Terry Radigan’s self-titled solo debut album. Known for her contributions to the New York City-based group, Grace Pool, and for co-writing “Love Wouldn’t … Continue reading

Paris Out of Hand: A Wayward Guide, by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, (Chronicle Books, 1996)

Come take a tour of a Paris that never was, but honestly should be. It’s the Paris of absinthe dreams and opium wishes, the Paris of starving artists, unknown writers, and one-of-a-kind tourists. It’s the Paris where anything goes, and … Continue reading

Mark Twain: A Literary Life, by Everett Emerson (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000)

“Mark Twain endures. Readers sense his humanity, enjoy his humor, and appreciate his insights into human nature, even into such painful experiences as embarrassment and humiliation. No matter how remarkable the life of Samuel Clemens was, what matters most is … Continue reading

Mardi Gras Madness, edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russell Davis (Cumberland House, 2000)

Not all masks hide innocent revelers. Not all floats belong to harmless partygoers. Not all Krewes are as they seem. In fact, during Mardi Gras, nothing and no one is as they appear. After all, don’t we wear masks for … Continue reading

Legends Walking, by Jane Lindskold (Avon Books, 1999)

“Vera looks at the shapeshifter, realizing he is not using a metaphor. Suddenly, she feels very shy. Remembering the changes through which he has lived, the ancient working alongside her seems far more alien than the fish that dart and … Continue reading