A Brooding of Vampire Books That Aren't Sparkly

Shards, by Bruce Baugh (White Wolf, 2002) Shadows, by Bruce Baugh (White Wolf, 2002) Sacrifices, by Bruce Baugh, (White Wolf, 2002) The Madness of Priests, by Philippe Boulle (White Wolf, 2003) Agyar, by Steven Brust (Tor, 1993) Darkest Heart, by … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time When the Princess Rescued the Prince, by Rosemary Lake (Dragon Tree Press, 2002)

I’m of mixed opinions where Once Upon a Time… is concerned. On the one hand, I really, really, really wanted to like this. I am a sucker for retold fairy tales; nothing draws me to a book quicker than the … Continue reading

30th Anniversary DAW: Fantasy, edited by Elizabeth R. Wollheim and Sheila E. Gilbert, (DAW, 2002)

For over thirty years, DAW Books have been releasing some of the best science fiction and fantasy books in the field, a tradition of consistency and excellence that has given them a well-deserved reputation. To celebrate their thirty years in … Continue reading

Dreaming Down-Under, edited by Jack Dann and Janeen Webb (Tor, 2002)

Originally released in 1998, Dreaming Down-Under is one of those ambitious volumes which attempts to not just expand the limits and boundaries of the speculative fiction range of genres, but to shatter them altogether, much like Dangerous Visions did in … Continue reading

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Borderland, edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold (Tor, 1986) Bordertown, edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold (Tor, 1986) Life On The Border, edited by Terri Windling (Tor, 1991) Finder, by Emma Bull (Tor, 1994) Elsewhere, by … Zoloft through canada

Wizards, edited by Jennifer Schwamm Willis (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2001)

I’m of two minds regarding this interesting anthology. The first thought is that it really is quite lovely, and the editor does a splendid job of collecting the old and unusual for the lineup of “stories of mischief, magic, and … Continue reading

Dreams of the Compass Rose, by Vera Nazarian (Wildside Press, 2002)

In the shifting sands and tempestuous oceans of the lands of the Compass Rose, all the secrets of the world are hidden. They twist and turn and intertwine in a complex, delicate dance throughout the ages, coming full circle time … Continue reading

Mythic, edited by Mike Allen (Mythic Delirium Books, 2006)

Mike Allen may be best known at present time for his work editing the SF poetry magazine Mythic Delirium, but every so often he turns his attention to the fiction side of things, both as a writer and an editor. … Continue reading

Mardi Gras Madness, edited by Martin H Greenberg and Russell Davis (Cumberland House, 2000)

Not all masks hide innocent revelers. Not all floats belong to harmless partygoers. Not all Krewes are as they seem. In fact, during Mardi Gras, nothing and no one is as they appear. After all, don’t we wear masks for … Continue reading

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This post is just here for the sake of completion. The following reviews ran in Chronicle issue 232, dated January 2003, and unfortunately, I no longer have any records of them beyond the actual magazine they appeared in. Someday, I’ll … Lisinopril dose