Scheherazade's Facade: Day Five Report

Dear Everyone – You’re awesome. As of now, the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter Campaign has been live for just over five full days.  We’re currently sitting at $3168 of $5000, or approximately  63% with 25 days to go.  Believe me when … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade Kickstarter Reaches Halfway Point!

I know I promised a post about cats, complete with cute pictures, but I hope you’ll forgive me if I put that off until later today.  Because what I really want to do is dance around a bit and flail … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: Day 3 1/2 Report

So I’m looking at the numbers for Scheherazade’s Facade, and am flabbergasted at how quickly it’s growing.  Right now, we’re at $2278 of $5000, which means that after just over three full days of this campaign, we’re almost halfway there. … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade: Day Three Report

As of right now, the Scheherazade’s Facade Kickstarter Campaign has been running for just under three full days. Almost a tenth of the running time.  And as of right now, we are at $1857 of $5000.  For those of you … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade Kickstarter Campaign: Day One Report

Oh my goodness gracious, people. You are amazing.  It’s been approximately 30 hours since we launched, and with 25 backers, we’re already over 10% to our goal.  I’m blown away, overjoyed, and thankful to everyone who’s offered support, spread the … Continue reading

The Scheherazade's Facade Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE

And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, Democrats and Republicans, literate creatures of all ages and species, I am pleased, nay thrilled, nay, quivering in my seat with excitement, to announce that the official Kickstarter campaign … Continue reading

Site Update and Other Sundries

After spending some time exploring the ins and outs of my website, I’ve managed to make a few changes and updates.  Henceforth, if you want to access it, please go to  The separate /news and /wordpress functions have been … Continue reading

Scheherazade's Facade Update

As people may have heard, last week, Vera Nazarian of Norilana Books announced that due to assorted personal reasons, many of the projects slated to come out this year have been pushed back. Yes, this includes Scheherazade’s Facade. Currently, the … Continue reading

Submissions Closed / On Sale Now / New Sale

1) Submissions for Scheherazade’s Facade are now CLOSED. Unless you’re one of the very few people to whom I’ve granted a brief extension, this means if you didn’t get it in, you can’t do it now. If you missed the … Continue reading