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Hello, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know where we stand with the Schoolbooks & Sorcery anthology. Following our wonderfully successful Kickstarter campaign, we enjoyed a several month open submission period, so we could add several more stories … Next day delivery synthroid

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  EDIT AS OF 8/7/2017 Because I’ve been getting numerous submissions which don’t suit my needs, I find myself in the position of placing certain things at the very top, in the hopes people will read them. 1) The word … Paxil once daily

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As I write this, we have just under 36 hours to go in the Kickstarter for Schoolbooks & Sorcery, and I am excited beyond measure. Not only have we hit our funding goal and first stretch goal, but we’ve reached … Ampicillin canada generic

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Well folks, we’re closing in on the final days of the Schoolbooks & Sorcery Kickstarter, and I’m rather excited. Why? Because thanks to hundreds of backers, and the generous support of everyone who’s spread the word, boosted the signal, or … Overnight canadian prednisolone

Schoolbooks & Sorcery – Update and Excerpt!

As sent out to the backers of the Schoolbooks & Sorcery Kickstarter (which, if you haven’t heard of, where have you been?) Dear Friends and Backers – As I type this, we’re less than $200 away from our goal, and … Continue reading

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We take a short break from our obsessive pushing of the Schoolbooks & Sorcery KickstarterĀ to talk about something a little… okay, a lot different. “The Miller’s Daughter” appears in the new anthology, Witches, Princesses, and Woman at Arms, edited by … Cymbalta purchase

Schoolbooks & Sorcery Kickstarter – Week 2

Well folks, here we are on day 14 of our Kickstarter for the Schoolbooks & Sorcery anthology. Two weeks down, 16 days to go, and your poor host and editor of this project is losing hair he really can’t afford … Continue reading

Schoolbooks & Sorcery Kickstarter – Day 5

Well, folks, we’re on day 5 of the Kickstarter for Schoolbooks & Sorcery, and things are looking good. 50 backers for $1135, which puts us at 18% of our funding goal. 25 days to go… we can totally do this. … Continue reading

Schoolbooks & Sorcery – Kickstarter Day 2

Hey everyone! While I don’t plan to deluge you with posts related to the current Schoolbooks & Sorcery Kickstarter, I did want to say that so far, after just one day, we’re doing quite nicely, and I’m feeling optimistic. With … Continue reading