The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan (Hyperion, 2010)

Overview Rick Riordan, author of the popular Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, follows his earlier success with the start of a new series, one focusing on Egyptian myth and lore. A brother and sister discover their link to an … Continue reading

Hip Deep, edited by Abe Louise Young (Next Generation Press, 2006)

The Big Picture Hip Deep is a collection of essays written by American teenagers, told in their own voices and drawing on a wide variety of experiences. Alternately heartbreaking and inspirational, it’s a reflection on the matters and issues teens … Continue reading

Shadow Walkers, by Brent Hartinger (Flux, 2011)

As a gay teenager living with his little brother and grandparents on an island community of only 4,000, Zach feels like an outsider, relying on the Internet for peace of mind and interaction with the outside world. When he’s grounded … Continue reading

Slayed, by Amanda Marrone (Simon Pulse, 2010)

Daphne Van Helsing has been part of the family business of vampire slaying for as long as she can remember, traveling with her parents around the country, taking on the messy job of staking and beheadng misbehaving bloodsuckers. Also for … Continue reading

TimeRiders, by Alex Scarrow (Walker and Company, 2010)

In 1912, Liam O’Connor is rescued from certain death as the Titanic sinks. In 2010, Maddy Carter is snatched away from an airplane just before it crashes. In 2026, Saleena Vikram is taken away from a fatal fire. All three … Continue reading