Update Roundup – Anthologies and Microfictions

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, as it’s basically just a roundup of various interesting tidbits.

1) I’m chortled pink to announce that my story, “The Secret Life of Ramona Lee,” was accepted for publication in the upcoming anthology, Geek Love.  You may have heard of this project; it’s been doing phenomenally on Kickstarter, and still has just under a week left to run.  There’s still time to join in and pre-order what may be one of the most interestingly sexy, geeky, wild books of the year.  Artists take note: they’re still accepting submissions for art, photos, comics, and stuff until September 30th.  I’ll be sure to release more details as they become available.

2) I am now taking submissions for my next erotica anthology.  Like Fortune’s Fool: Erotic Tales of Serendipity and Luck will be published by Circlet Press.  The submission period will run until November 15th.  Details and guidelines may be found here.  You may post questions to the original guidelines page, or send questions, queries, and submissions to fortunesfoolantho@gmail.com

3) I am also the Microfiction Editor for Circlet’s online presence.  Every Friday, we run erotic sf/f short-shorts.  I’m looking for sexy, weird, tantalizing sf/f stories which run around 250-1000 words. Full guidelines may be found here.  Previous and current microfictions may be found here. It barely pays anything, but some microfiction authors have gone on to bigger and better things with Circlet.  I’d love to see some stuff by new and different writers!

4) I just turned in the PDF proof of Sheherazade’s Facade to Circlet for final corrections.  This is essentially the end-run before publication, since what I just sent back will be, after everything is taken care of, turned into the actual book which will be sent out as an ebook or a trade paperback.  This is it, folks. So close to the end of the line, I can almost taste the victory.

And that’s it for the moment!

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