The Silver Moon Elm, by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi (Berkley Jam, 2007)

Jennifer Scales is still struggling with her unique nature: half-weredragon, half-beaststalker, able to bridge numerous worlds, potentially able to bring multiple warring races together, if they’ll only listen to her. Unfortunately, things just keep getting more complicated, especially when a small disgruntled group of her enemies weave a spell which rewrites the world. Now Jennifer is stuck in a world where weredragons are near-extinct, and their mortal enemies, the wereachnids rule openly. Everyone she knows is dead, or vastly different, and her allies are questionable at best. Even if Jennifer finds a way to return the world to normal, will she survive? This series just keeps getting better with each book, though portions near the end of this one were a little convoluted and hard to follow on a first reading. Nevertheless, it’s fun, with a fresh new premise, memorable characters, and a feisty heroine.

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